Stuttgart Public Library on May 9, 2015


At 1 pm last Saturday, May 9th, a group of women met in the HERZ of the new and worldwide recommended public library in Stuttgart. Frau Inka Jessen, a local librarian, explained the concept of the new architectural highlight of Stuttgart and showed the group around on the 8 floors which host the different areas of a library like children, life science or literature.
Especially impressive is the Music floor with a Klangstudio where users can compose music or play the Silent Piano.
Or the ‘Library for the Sleepless’ where books are available to lend 24/7…
With the local library card one of the lockers can be opened and the book inside can be taken home. The system saves the information as a regular check out and the book has to be returned after the 4 week loan period to the regular check in machines.

The Graphothek is  located on the 8th floor, where users can get framed graphics to take home and decorate their private rooms.
With several renewal periods, the artwork can stay for up to 1 year – then it’s time for redecorating and picking a new design for the walls.

On each floor there are several lockers filled with laptops and other technical devices which can be opened with a library card and  used that day in the library.
It was a very informative and fun trip, we returned to Augsburg with lots of wonderful impressions and new ideas.


Ski Day

We are planning a ski day the 8 February in Unterammergau.

The ski lessons for kids at Unterammergau are 60€ per day of 4 hours(from 10 to 12 than 13 to 15, with lunch for the kids and lift included). You can also decide to enroll your kid only for 2 hours in the morning or in the afternoon.

We can leave Augsburg around 8:30 am, have lunch  at the Schleifmühle Gasthof, and return at 4 or 5 pm.

Check out this link for more details: