About AIWA

The Augsburg International Women’s Association e.V. (AIWA) was founded in 2010 to bring together women of all nationalities who reside either temporarily or permanently in Augsburg and to help newcomers adjust to their life in Augsburg and Germany.

It promotes social and cultural exchange between women of all nationalities in the spirit of mutual friendship and understanding through meetings, activities and presentations.

AIWA is a non religious, non political and non profit organization, and membership is open to women of all nationalities and ages. The working language of the club is English.

AIWA offers a wide range of activities and services to our members, including social, cultural and professional enrichments. All of these activities and programs are designed to get members involved and connected. In joining the Club and participating in its activities, women can meet other members from around the world reflecting their varied interests, talents, experiences and professions.

We regularly do activities like going to cultural events or organizing events ourselves (summer party, pumpkin carving contest, ski weekend, a nice restaurant…).

AIWA is committed to both helping our members enjoy their stay in Germany, as well as contributing to the host country that has welcomed us!

Our Members

The Augsburg International Women’s Association (AIWA) was founded in May 2010, and been a member of FAWCO since the summer of 2010.

Countries currently represented are:

France Germany Greece Holland Ireland
Japan Lebanon Malaysia Poland Portugal
Romania Russia South Korea Spain Syria
UK USA Venezuela

The spoken language is English.

AIWA vision

The purpose of the association is to:

  • support foreign women and their families in Augsburg and surroundings,
  • promote cultural exchange between Germans and foreigners in Germany, and thus international understanding,
  • inform about the rights and opportunities of women in Germany, in everyday life and beyond.
  • This statutory purpose is achieved in particular
  • through the implementation of events and the publication of papers relating to the association’s purpose,
  • by the exchange of views and information.

All activities must be in conformity with its purpose and must be non-religious, non-political and non-profit.