What We Do

Social Enrichment

Social contact is an essential part of life. Meeting different people and forming new friendships is an easy way of improving our quality of life and overcoming feelings of loneliness or boredom.

AIWA represents a lively community with varied interests and backgrounds. Through our activities we aim to strengthen our members’ social networks and – of course – to have fun!

AIWA strives to create experiences and events that will increase our members’ knowledge and enjoyment of their own, our host country, and each other’s cultural, artistic and intellectual heritage. Some of the activities we facilitate are:

  • Book club that meets every other month to discuss a work of literature
  • French classes, meeting weekly
  • Cooking lessons, theme evenings
  • Talks on various themes
  • Skiing trips
  • Special events for family (pumpkin carving, cultural trips, Christmas party, etc.)
  • Luncheons, movie nights, ladies night out… and much more!

We are very lucky to have members who have the knowledge and
the kindness to offer special events only for members of the club:

  • Spanish classes
  • Tennis and yoga lessons
  • Art night
  • etc.

Professional Enrichment

With AIWA members coming from many different backgrounds and professions, our ability to contribute to each other’s development is great.

To take advantage of the diversity and wealth of knowledge that exists within our community, and to cater for our members’ professional needs, on occasion, the association organizes seminars that deal with professional topics. These workshops allow participants to enhance their skills, meet and network with specialists.

Is there a topic that interests you? Would like to share your expertise? We will be happy to hear from you.


Part of the Association’s idea is the understanding of contributing our time and effort in projects in our host country. We take great pleasure and pride in serving our community throughout the year in supporting some local associations.